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More House Bits and Bobs [Aug. 17th, 2013|07:53 am]
A community for Old Houses


This is the stain glass treatment i executed on the front door

 photo 20130815_173042_zps23ea94ac.jpg

new(ish) in the living room

 photo 20130815_173159_zps3e07cc8e.jpg

both degrees and my CISSP cert

 photo 20130815_173225_zps2fca4fd1.jpg

Tapestries in the bedroom

 photo 20130815_181634_zpsd273f63c.jpg

 photo 20130815_173320_zps0e2ed712.jpg

 photo 20130815_173301_zps6266d3af.jpg

Kitchen backsplash finished. This happened a long time ago, i just never posted a picture before

 photo 20130815_173346_zps0a8a7d0b.jpg

Bottle collection in the kitchen

 photo 20130815_182657_zps6b40609e.jpg

Kitchen artwork

 photo 20130815_173446_zpsae749617.jpg

 photo 20130815_173506_zpsb21eb395.jpg

 photo 20130815_173519_zpsc07fdd8d.jpg

Bathroom "medicines"

 photo 20130815_182720_zpse13588e9.jpg