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And once I said I'd never live in an old house - oldhouses [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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And once I said I'd never live in an old house [Jan. 7th, 2012|11:36 am]
A community for Old Houses


[Current Location |Oklahoma]
[Current Mood |accomplished]

And then I moved out from my parents' house after college.

I spent about eight months in a beautiful if crumbling old Victorian that had been cut into three housing units. Oh, what an adventure. I was constantly doing minor mold remediation, polishing the original hardwood floors only for them to be a mess again, muttering curses against both knob-and-tube wiring and the landlord who wouldn't fix anything... By the time I moved, the landlord kind of hated me. Apparently, a home inspector's kid who lives in a standing code violation is not great for landlord-tenant relations.

Then I came to my senses, got sick of being the unpaid caretaker for the house, and moved halfway across the country. What with my common sense, I moved into another case of what I like to call renovatoritis.

My current project is a 1914 Craftsman bungalow that I live in. It had a full renovation in 1998, and is in great shape in terms of structure and basic systems. It does have kind of a bad case of remuddling... the person who rebuilt it ripped out all of the walls and made an open floor plan. I'm planning to put in new flooring; the carpet is trashed after a combination of neglect and raising kittens. Thankfully it didn't damage the subfloor. And the house could use some repainting and the bathroom needs to be re-insulated. Oh well, something to do with my time when I'm not at a boring desk job.

As soon as I thought I had enough on my hands, another house walked into my life.

1) Where is the house?
Northeastern Oklahoma.

2) Are you the owner? If not, do you know who is?
My roommate inherited the house. It's on a property with the house she grew up in, and the newer house is awful. The older house is worth saving and in much better shape.

3) What year was it built?
I don't exactly remember? I believe 1860, one of the oldest surviving houses in the state. Definitely antebellum.

4) Is it haunted? And have you seen the ghost? Tell us about it!
I have no idea. From what I've heard, no, and both Roommate and I are skeptics.

5) What is the house's history?
One of the oldest houses in the state- it's on the Cherokee reservation, and clearly isn't in a tornado-prone area. It's been uninhabited for 40 years, which was when the newer house on the property was built. The old house has been used for storage and kept pretty sealed, so it's in reasonable shape considering the circumstances.

What I've done:

I met the house for the first time yesterday, when we were cleaning a few things out of the new house on the property. I wandered off across the property, and Roommate showed me the old house.

From the side. I didn't try to get around the back- didn't have landscape control tools. The boarding-up has been good enough that the house hasn't had intruders. The siding is oddly stable, especially with how little attention the house has had.

Can't make the image be non-sideways, unfortunately. Though there are a few fallen timbers from where a front porch was removed, the stone foundation itself looks okay. The door and windows around the door are all covered in what I'm presuming is peeling lead paint.

Original wood floor! Would be lovely with some care. Getting inside without running into rusty metal was fun, though.

That wallpaper is ugly. And that looks like some water damage on the ceiling. The house has been used for junk storage, so it's really hard to get much past the entryway. According to Roommate, the floors are all stable with the exception of one small place in a side room and another in a corner of the upstairs.

Ahh, water damage. The windows are all boarded up to keep intruders out, so I didn't go any further into the house. The door frames, what I did see of the other rooms- it's a wonderful old house! It needs so much work. I want to find someone who can afford to do the work and who wants the house- it has great history and is so cute. So now I have a new project: fixing the house that I live in, and getting this house sold to a good owner.

[User Picture]From: baroquebaroness
2012-01-11 03:11 pm (UTC)
I would love to get my hands on this house! It looks like it has potential, and you have to save some of that wallpaper and frame it. You can show any prospective owners just what you had to take down.
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[User Picture]From: rockychristine
2012-01-11 05:34 pm (UTC)
Really? It does need a monumental amount of work and probably needs to be moved from the property, the land value is really good. And it would have to be sold as is; we don't have the resources to do anything about it. But if you're interested, I'll mention it to Roommate and see what she thinks.
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